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Imports of high-grade stainless steel pot
The world's top pot 20 years experience in mold development

Probe needle shaft using the United States beryllium copper,
Japan SK4 material after heat treatment o

The stability of the international quality

The whole of the probe has been accumulated over many years to improve the design, 
with precision thickened&n

Powerful production capacity

At the beginning of the establishment, choose a high starting point to 
meet the electronics industry increasingly&

The cost of shipping economic savings

We have a variety of logistics resources, we ensure that your goods 
to the lowest freight to your destin

The protection of the interests of agents

Products are widely used in high-tech product testing and 
application of the battery pin on the phone,

Kedik in compliance with international environmental requirements

Your satisfaction will be the greatest affirmation to us.

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Each big brand strong hands, to create a quality life    XinFuCheng ShenZhen Electronics Co.,Ltd. is one the Professional spring contact probe maker in China.Founded in 2004 in Shenzhen,China.We manufacture over 1,000 products with the highest quality and reliability in the maketplace. We own CNC lathe machines,assembly facilities and completed inspection equipments in our production line.All procedures are carefully handled by our expert technicians-from design to precision tooling,molding and assembling.what we manufactured varied modes with stable quality and rapid delivery,also custom-mode specification is available and accepted.We can design and develop your new products and custom designs are wecome,too. Spring Contact probes are widely used in the testing or inspection especially like PCB Industry,Electronic Industry.IC industry even mobi.[More...]
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Company "people-oriented, innovative technology, integrity services, to achieve sophisticated products world" business philosophy, to&n
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  • Customer evaluation:Used in the notebook computer to connect the charging of the rechargeable pin and other components, the quality comparable to Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries have access to the probe industry and users agree with the trust and trust.[2017-10-26 10:27]
  • Customer evaluation:Products are widely used in PCB industry, semiconductor industry, electronics industry and other high-tech products, as well as the application of the phone on the battery pin, antenna pin[2017-10-26 10:27]
  • Customer evaluation:New Fucheng probe will continue to foreign probe manufacturing technology into the country, through continuous learning, breakthrough and efforts to develop the probe products[2017-10-26 10:27]
  • Customer evaluation:A professional probe factory, with its own assembly line and CNC lathes, coupled with complete testing equipment, orders a variety of diversification, shipping quickly, stable quality, customers can also accept custom, so far, the production of products More than thousands.[2017-10-26 10:26]
A cooking utensil manufacturing industry in the next 35 years.
Two. The kitchen renovation replacement products, sale in domestic market is a huge market
Three. With the China consumption levels improve kitchen industry products from
To cast iron
Brand settled
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  • After-sales service guaranteed trustworthy! After-sales service guaranteed trustwort.

    And Shenzhen XinFucheng Electronics Co., Ltd. for many years, and their products are national quality certification and environmental certification, they have a professional team to provide one-on-one after-sales guidanc.

  • Service is very good, trustworthy! Service is very good, trustworthy!

    3 years of cooperation, Shenzhen XinFuCheng Electronics Co., Ltd The product is always pay attention to quality, pay attention to word of mouth, Shenzhen XinFuCheng Electronics Co., Ltd. Is a good faith enterprise of the.

A full range of marketing support system
  • The composition of the probe

    Core Tip: Probes are a widely used instrument that has applications in various fields, such as in the biological field, in the computer field, and so on. Although its size and quality is not large, bu.More 
  • Probe type

    Spring test pin, universal test pin, charge pin, high current pin, BGA high frequency (semiconductor) double pin and so on. In addition, we can according to customer requirements, custom global high-e.More 
  • Test probe advantage

    To solve the test process appears pseudo-open (false), resistance instability, short life, poor contact, resulting in spark, needle black fast, easy to bend and wear effects such as the recipe, 
  • Why PCB board needs a test point?

    It is natural thing to set test point (test point) on circuit board for person who learns electrons, but what is test point for person who learns mechanism?Why PCB board needs a test point?There may b.More 
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